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October 23

Zornica stopped having running nose. She had it for almost 2 weeks, most probably catching it from her brother who just then had cold . I always hate running nose with babies because they seem to suffer so much and you can do little to help them.My tips for her nose were drops of natrium chloride solution and spray of purified sea water. Also I put some blankets under her mattress to make a bit higher sleeping position. It seems to easy a bit their breathing as secretion is flowing more evenly down. A little baby hat on her head after bath, for example,also did work. We were lucky to have a nice weather- I think going out is the best thing for babies with running nose.She would sleep so peacefully and undisturbed in fresh air!

She still have her colics. They seem to appear at different times each day. However, she is easy to settle- it`s enough to take her for a while and usually she gets calmer and falls asleep. Two days ago she had no colics and she slept after each feeding- God, what a paradise:-))! I`m giving her colic drops but they cannot do all the job, perhaps they only ease her pain.

She still would not smile, nor make any coo. .